Smart Wash Laundry is principally involved in commercial laundry services located at Kajang, Selangor.

What Set's "SMART WASH" apart from the competion is our commitment to providing professional, friendly, prom and convenient services.


Professional, convenient, friendly & competitive price


(1) Dry Cleaning
(2) Machine Wash
(3) Hand Wash
(4) Pressing (Ironing)
(5) Household Items


(a)  While all due care will be taken of,we shall not be held the
      responsible for any loss of buttons, ornaments or any
      valuables left in the pockets or attched to the garments

(b)  We will not be held responsible for any colour run, fastness of ent of
      colour & print, damage, shrinkage, ading & discolourration dues
      to defects of manufacture & poor quality of fabric.

(c)  Any claims regarding the finished articles must be highlighted
      at the time of delivering.

(d)  In event of loss or damage to articles caused by our negligence
      our liability shall be limited to the fair value of depreciation,due
      to age,fashion and use,or not exceding ten (10) times the cost
      of cleaning whichever is lower,regardless of whatever the cost

(e)  Articles unclaimed within three (3) months from the date of the
      bill shall be sold to recover the cost of cleaning.

(f)  We reserve the right not to entertain any loss bill.